29.11. 10-12:00 OPEN DAY - FREE SWIMMING

Why we swim with infants 

The swimming course for babies and infants Karlinek includes 10 lessons that take place once a week for 30 minutes.

Swimming is intended for babies from the age of six months.

Why is swimming for mothers and babies suitable?

  • Swimming helps in respiratory diseases prevention
  • Creates an emotional bond between child and a parent
  • Improves body posture
  • Swimming is safe, mother (parent) is in contact with her child at all times
  • Helps coordination and gross motor skills of the child
  • Children sleep better and have a greater appetite
  • It is a pleasant diversification of the day for both the child and parent

Courses take place in pleasant environment. Barrier-free access is available for strollers including the parking options.

Even though mothers come mostly, even dads are welcome. You don't need to worry that you will not know what to do, we will show you everything and instructors will be happy to explain everything.

We strive to make parents and children feel at home, so we also put the emphasis on family environment and relaxed atmosphere. The pools are specially treated to meet the criteria for swimming with babies and have a pleasant temperature of 31°. 

Lesson Tips

  • cosmetics for children just like after evening bath, bigger towel to wrap the baby to before and after lesson, drying towel, infant swimsuit with a firm (you can purchase with us), disposable changing mat
  • for parents we recommend slippers to the pool, for parents with longer hair to pull hair into bun or ponytail, we recommend to remove make-up before lesson (optional :-))
  • children should eat last 60 - 30 minutes before lesson (not easy to exercise with full stomach, but easy to vomit)

Your baby will feel great.